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Spectrum/Mt View alumni scholarship auction

The Spectrum/Mt. View Alumni Association’s
1st Annual Scholarship Auction!

This year’s goal is to raise $10,000 to help Spectrum Community School students, present and future, pursue their post-secondary dreams. 

Sadly, due to complications arising from the continuing COVID crisis, we are postponing our Scholarship Auction until the fall of 2021.
We will keep the donation form active during this time.

Find Out More and Donate Here!

Our Alumni Association is asking for your support, along with the help of your contacts, friends, family, neighbours and local business connections, by donating an item(s) that will generate a lot of interest ~ and bids! 

The Brian Whitmore Memorial Scholarship

The Spectrum Alumni Association is proud to announce the creation of the Brian Whitmore Memorial Scholarship.

The Spectrum Community School Alumni Association has chosen to utilize the non-profit status of SD61 for our donations.

Donate to Spectrum Alumni Association

How do I donate?
1: Click on this button or this link –  SD61’s

2: Select Spectrum Community School (not PAC!)

3: IMPORTANT! Indicate in the Message field that your donation is for the Spectrum Alumni Association’s Brian Whitmore Scholarship

For ease, highlight and copy the text below:

This donation is for the Spectrum Alumni Association’s Brian Whitmore Scholarship

How do I get a tax receipt?
Please retain your receipt from SchoolCashOnline for income tax purposes.

In Passing: Brian Whitmore

by John Graham.

It is with profound and unrelenting sadness that I have to announce the passing of one of my dearest and longest friends, Brian Whitmore.

Brian passed away late yesterday from cancer. He was surrounded by his always loving wife and partner of over 40 years, Elaine Daniels. Brian was 74 or 75….he did not like to reveal such things.

I first met Brian as my English teacher at Spectrum School in the fall of 1976. We became fast friends and remained close friends up until his death. In his public life, Brian was best known as Spectrums longest serving teachers from 1976 until his retirement in 2009. Some 33 years.

In that capacity he was one of the original “Spectrum Hokies”, ran the yearbook for decades, ran the theatre for decades and became an important mentor to far too many students to count. In his personal life, as one of my closest friends, he was a rock. We went to countless concerts together over the years, Dylan, Stones, Joni Mitchell, we traveled on road trips, when going though tough times he was the “Bank of Brian”. We spoke each and every week at least once a week for the past 40 plus years. We argued, laughed and told each other harmless lies and fanciful tales. He knew every one of my secrets and I his.

Our weekly calls were legendary….generally lasting 2-3 hours each moving effortlessly from music, to politics to people. The calls were referred to by Elaine (his wife), as being that of 2 schoolgirls talking.Brian also formed a 9-person NFL football pool called Phutball. It has run continuously for 40 plus years. I was the last joining member and its youngest. I have been in that pool for 33 years.

Brian, after retiring from teaching also formed the Spectrum Alumni Association. He adored the school, he treasured his students and he gave all and left everything in his TA’s homeroom and his classes. To say I will miss him and his counsel is far too difficult for any words. Words, in this case, simply fail.

Brian Whitmore, gone.

Help us ensure Brian’s legacy by:

1: Donating to Spectrum Alumni Association’s Brian Whitmore Memorial Scholarship. Click here to donate

2: Adding your name to our petition to have Spectrum’s theatre renamed The Whitmore Theatre. Click here to sign

Graduation 2020

On behalf of the Spectrum Alumni Association,
congratulations on making it to the end of 13 years of schooling!

Here are some words of support from some of Spectrum’s Distinguished Alumni on your graduation. See them all here.

Donation from the Mt. View Class of ’69!

Before there was Spectrum Community School, there was Mt. View High School on Carey Road. We are excited to have the alumni of Mt. View join us on this site. At their last reunion for the class of ’69, they passed a hat and collected an amazing $2000 for the Spectrum/Mt. View Alumni Association’s Scholarship Fund.




NOTE: There is now a display in the new foyer celebrating Mt. View and their donation!


Spectrum Turf And Rink (STAR) Committee

For the last year, Spectrum Community School has been engaged with municipal and provincial stakeholders in the hopes of pursuing a pop-up ice-rink and turf-fields on our school’s grounds. On December 17th, 2018, our school gained approval from our Trustees to pursue this dream. We are extremely excited about this opportunity!

This legacy project is looking for Mt View and Spectrum alumni to get involved in our Spectrum Turf And Rink (STAR) Committee. This STAR Committee would be tasked with formulating a financial and logistical plan for such a development that would then be presented to the SD61 Trustees towards its hopeful approval.

We are specifically looking for any alumni that are interested in helping the STAR Committee and have experience in:

  • Creating financial plans or experience as a Certified General Accountant (CGA)
  • Fundraising Campaigns and Initiatives
  • Communications
  • Community Consultation
  • Civil Engineering

If you are interested in meeting with our school officials about such an opportunity, please contact Dom Butcher at 250-479-8271 or via email at to record your interest.


With appreciation,
Dom Butcher
STAR Committee Member, Athletic Director & Teacher
Spectrum Community School
T. 250.479.8271