Proposed Spectrum Turf and Rink Project

Spectrum Community School is looking for two or more individuals for the following positions to help finalize the development of a multi-sport turf field with various stakeholders on the school property.

  1. Land Use Planner / Developer 
    The individual will work with the Spectrum Turf & Rink (STAR) Committee, McElhanney Engineering and various stakeholders to package and finalize the turf-project to present to Saanich Municipality, the community at large and the SD61 Board. 
  2. Marketing & Social Media Lead
    The individual will work with the Spectrum Turf and Rink (STAR) Committee to initiate a final fundraising drive for the turf. The individual may have experience with social media marketing, website design, internet promotion and other multi-media applications. 

Please contact dobutcher@sd61.bc.ca if you feel you can help or have any questions. 

For more information on the Spectrum turf project, please see here www.starproject.ca .