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One Night Only! Fundraising Big Event!

Find out more about this amazing event here or on Eventbrite!

Spectrum Turf And Rink (STAR) Committee

For the last year, Spectrum Community School has been engaged with municipal and provincial stakeholders in the hopes of pursuing a pop-up ice-rink and turf-fields on our school’s grounds. On … Continue reading Spectrum Turf And Rink (STAR) Committee

Origins of the Magical Mystery Tour Do you remember Spectrum’s Magical Mystery Tours?  Let us know with a comment!

Origins of the Magical Mystery Tour

When Spectrum was created, in the early 1970’s, it’s educational philosophy was humanistic, student-centered, and positive. Many emerging practices were included making Spectrum a much-studied model for reform and innovation. A … Continue reading Origins of the Magical Mystery Tour

Former Principal Rob House recognized

Congratulations to Former Spectrum Principal Rob House for his outstanding involvement with last falls Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock! In recognition of this feat, the alumni board have had … Continue reading Former Principal Rob House recognized

2017 Distinguished Alumni Videos

During the day of the Distinguished Alumni event in October 2017, the four recognized alumni spent time at Spectrum, talking with students, sharing their stories and being great alumni for … Continue reading 2017 Distinguished Alumni Videos

Photo Gallery of the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Dinner

Check out some fantastic photos of our First Distinguished Alumni Dinner, held on October 13, 2017, at the Naden Wardroom. Google Photos Link

Spectrum Distinguished Alumni Dinner

Join us for the First Spectrum Distinguished Alumni Dinner! A night of celebration honouring the first four inductees to the Spectrum Distinguished Alumni Wall. A Fundraiser for the Spectrum Community … Continue reading Spectrum Distinguished Alumni Dinner

Spectrum Students Flash Mob!

Police and students pull off surprise flash mob at Uptown Shopping Center