Spectrum Turf And Rink (STAR) Committee

For the last year, Spectrum Community School has been engaged with municipal and provincial stakeholders in the hopes of pursuing a pop-up ice-rink and turf-fields on our school’s grounds. On December 17th, 2018, our school gained approval from our Trustees to pursue this dream. We are extremely excited about this opportunity!

This legacy project is looking for Mt View and Spectrum alumni to get involved in our Spectrum Turf And Rink (STAR) Committee. This STAR Committee would be tasked with formulating a financial and logistical plan for such a development that would then be presented to the SD61 Trustees towards its hopeful approval.

We are specifically looking for any alumni that are interested in helping the STAR Committee and have experience in:

  • Creating financial plans or experience as a Certified General Accountant (CGA)
  • Fundraising Campaigns and Initiatives
  • Communications
  • Community Consultation
  • Civil Engineering

If you are interested in meeting with our school officials about such an opportunity, please contact Dom Butcher at 250-479-8271 or via email at dobutcher@sd61.bc.ca to record your interest.


With appreciation,
Dom Butcher
STAR Committee Member, Athletic Director & Teacher
Spectrum Community School
T. 250.479.8271
E. dobutcher@sd61.bc.ca

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