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With over 40 years of graduates from Spectrum Community School, there is a good chance that there is reunion just about to happen. If you have a reunion you would like help promoting or need information of how to get the school involved.

Let us know if you’ve got a reunion coming up and we will create a page for your class.

Also, if you have put on a reunion, could you let us know what worked and what didn’t work so we can start creating some support for those who are new to planning.

Want to use the school for your reunion?

Bookings are done through the district rentals office (250-475-4178), but it usually works best to connect with Tim Barss, Spectrum theatre manager, first regarding availability (250-479-8271).

Rentals handles all the finances, paperwork, Serving it Right, etc… and Tim then make sure all tech needs are met.

Reunions don’t usually pay the full theatre rental fee, but they do pay the “district use” fee which is $12.50/hour beyond paying for custodial time and for a theatre technician.

Upcoming Reunions

Warm Fuzzies for Over 40 Years