2017/2018 Annual Reports

Spectrum Community School Alumni Association
2017/2018 Annual Reports
prepared by Brian Whitmore
In the fall of 2016, the Spectrum Alumni Association began considering creating a Wall of Fame, at least partly inspired by former NFL player and Spectrum grad, Eddie Murray’s visit to Victoria, and Spectrum, to receive recognition for his Super Bowl win and to provide fund-raising support for Spectrum’s new football team.  Work began on compiling a list of notable graduates. Dave Goossen placed a “donate now” button on the website, and Anne McKeachie was invited to a special meeting to outline the process she had developed to honour distinguished Vic High grads at a fund-raising banquet. Brett Westcott and Gary Baker also attended the meeting to offer encouragement and suggestions.  Brian Whitmore attended the Eddie Murray banquet to give support and outline the goals of the Alumni Association. In December, Judy Harrison moved that the Alumni Committee host the first annual Distinguished Alumni fund-raising banquet at the Wardroom (Naden) on October 13, 2017. It was passed unanimously. At a January meeting, after considering many candidates, four graduates were selected and contacted.  All were pleased to accept. Also, during this period, Judy Harrison and Denis Harrigan explored Association options for becoming a charity. It seemed likely a separate society would have to be created. Throughout the spring, plans continued for the banquet. Invitation letters were mailed, biographies written, advertising and ticket options considered, etc. Door prizes and a silent auction were also suggested and a list of possible donors generated.  By late May, Dave Goossen was working with District Financial Services to establish online ticket purchases and the issuing of tax receipts. In July, posters and postcards were ready for distribution. At the Annual General Meeting, on July 19, the executive was re-elected.
The 2017/18 year began with two meetings in August, and almost weekly meetings in September and into October, in preparation for the October 13th banquet.  The program was prepared and advertising stepped up.  Sue Watt volunteered to organize the silent auction, and Michelle Watt agreed to photograph the event.  Arrangements were made at Spectrum for the Distinguished Alumni to give presentations and master classes.  Denis Harrigan negotiated a good price for Island Blue to print the programs, as he had done for the posters and postcards.  Barb McCulloch and Winnie Rainsford agreed to handle the door, arrange flowers, etc. When the day finally arrived, everything went extremely well.  Although the costs for food and rental were higher than originally expected and the number of ticket purchasers fewer than hoped, almost $2,000 was raised for scholarships, primarily from the silent auction.  An unanticipated highlight proved to be the alumni presentations at Spectrum, which put a spotlight on some remarkable graduates, and the activities and purposes of the Alumni Association. After the event, a meeting was held, which included the student hosts, to create a list of what went well, what needed improvement, and ideas for next time.  Early in the new year, Alan Clark placed a display of photographs and memorabilia from the event in the Alumni case and Sharoyne Gaiptman persuaded the grad committee to fund a handsome “Distinguished Alumni” sign and picture framing as a grad gift. The staff was consulted to help determine placement. Phil Watt began discussions with Michael Harrison to put on a fund-raising magic show, and Michael agreed to volunteer his talents, date and details to be determined.   The directors modified the constitution and bylaws to comply with new regulations from BC Registry Services, and Brian Whitmore completed the online transition processes. Dave Hutchings, representing Mt. View, agreed to join the committee, and he and Phil Watt will distribute flyers seeking scholarship support at a Mt. View summer social. The flyers were prepared by Dave Goossen. Brian Tetlow announced, with regret, that circumstances force him to step down as treasurer.   He was thanked for all his help over the years, and he and the committee were pleased to hear that Rob House, who retired as Spectrum Principal in January, but stayed on as an alumni director, would take over as treasurer.

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