1988 Graduate? Spectrum School Alumni Association Needs You.

Attention 1988 Grads: Welcome to the launch of the Spectrum Alumni Association and its web site. We are looking for a person from your year to be the class Social Moderator!


Would you like to be your years Social Moderator? Click here

Here’s how it works: Each year has a  social moderator….basically an online moderator for their year. They reach out to other grads from their year, online through Facebook primarily, inviting them to check out their grad year and all of this site which has every Spectrum Community School year book since 1975, now digitized and online……being a social moderator very easy.

Wanna consider it? Here’s the basics things to know:

-The Alumni Society is real and is a registered society in the Province of BC. Here are the people behind the Society’s launch. Click here to read more.

-Being comfy with Facebook and having Facebook friends from your grad year, is important.

-We are all former Spectrum grads or former Spectrum staff and if you want to volunteer, we will help you with getting set up and teaching you the basics of the volunteer position.  We will make it simple…and easy.

Getting to know what to do  will take about 1 hour of your time to learn the basics.

We can meet you and perhaps 2 or 3 of you (bring a friend) at the school one evening for about 1 hour of all of our time and we will teach you how it works.

Contact us through these links. Message us through Facebook page. My name is John Graham and this here’s Dave Goossen.

There are no fees. The premise of the site and the society  is simple.

– to initiate projects which enhance the role of Spectrum in the community and support heritage efforts to maintain and share school history;

– to support and undertake class and school reunions and other milestone events which celebrate the school, its students, and the alumni;

– to communicate with Spectrum Alumni for the purposes of keeping them informed about the current activities of the school and providing a means for them to communicate with each other;

– to provide assistance to the school and its students through the granting of scholarships and bursaries and to support academic, fine arts, athletic, and vocational activities by offering the skills and expertise of alumni to enrich school programs; and

– to support fundraising activities and collect monies which generate tax receipts so that funds may be invested and spent for purposes beneficial to the school.

That’s the official reason for the existence of this Society. The unofficial benefit of that existence is it gives us “Former Spectrum Hokies” a place uniquely ours, where we can create a very unique, Spectrum online experience.

A place online where you can share you current pictures, old pictures you have from back in the day, post stories that have meaning to other ex-Spectrumites and rekindle and reconnect friendships that still mean so much even though you may not had the time to keep that connection….connected.

Is this you?

If you want to know more…please reach out to John Graham or Dave Goossen. Send us a message us on the Spectrum Alumni Facebook page. Thanks

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